Export data from Freshdesk to Help Scout

The reasons why one would choose to migrate from Freshdesk may vary. But there’s one thing that is completely certain, the migration process may well be tough. Thereby, if you experience trouble exporting all your records from Freshdesk to Help Scout, then rest assured as we have a solution.

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Limited Import Options

No Technician Team

Deciding on a good migration approach is extremely important as it can severely impact the data, time lines, and end result of the whole thing.

But migration isn’t something each and every one are able to do.

The most common challenge teams face are, of course, a lack of a dedicated IT team that will help them migrate all their tickets and knowledge base.

Suppliers Aren’t Really Helpful

In fact, small firms that work on a budget simply don’t have the people to take care of the migration process.

And there’s the case where help desk providers aren’t happy to help you out.

You are switching from not to their system. Hence, it can be painful to migrate all your essential support records to the new help desk.

Requires Professional IT Team
Manual Import Drawbacks

By hand Simply Doesn’t Cut It

If you are looking to transfer your support history without paying a penny, you are usually forced to play with a CSV document that in certain cases has a mind of its own.

And even if you managed to modify the document, there are little to no guarantees that all things will go flawlessly.

Data corruption is a thing that plagued many companies and its all due to the fact that you cannot test drive elements first.

Nevertheless it shouldn’t be like that

We believe that businesses don’t have to be concerned with data migration when they choose to migrate from Freshdesk. We want every thing to feel flawless and quick, which is precisely what we are currently offering.

Migrate from Freshdesk to Help Scout

The way we are able to help out

We have now been in the help desk business for quite some time and understand are the caveats of data migration. In fact, we learned it the hard way.

Which encouraged us to create a completely automated solution that will do all the hard work for you.

Using it, it is possible to migrate all your data seamlessly, plus the following.

Save your time and energy

Why waste your time looking at the progress bar if you can continue working while our tool migrates records? That’s right, there is no reason.

Test drive all that you would like

It’s required that you experiment with your tickets beforehand, hence why we made it possible that you can identify weak points.

Move support history with ease

You don’t have to wait till somebody writes you a piece of script, nor do you have to wait for the set up process to finish. Contact our team to benefit from our automatic data export wizard.

Export support history accurately

Through using our export wizard, you can be sure that losing your data is practically impossible. Our migration techniques are verified and steadily being worked on.

Main advantages of our service


All your passwords and personal data are secured with us. We care about our customer’s security and will use the data solely for the import procedure.

Swift and Useful

Not only you improve most likely the most difficult operations, but you are actually more likely to get the preferred result faster. Utilizing our export wizard and the team.

Sustained Data Integrity

We worked tirelessly to ensure that our export wizard will relocate all your records in a correct and efficient manner.

What you can migrate

That the list is generalized and may differ depending on your target platform

Help Desk Objects
  • Tickets

    with replies, notes and attachments

  • Contact
  • Companies
  • Agents
  • Agents Groups
Knowledge Base Objects
  • Articles

    with images and attachments

  • Categories
  • Folders

The way auto Freshdesk tickets export works


Prep work

The prep work normally involves setting up agent profiles and custom fields in the Help Scout. If there’s other things you should do, we’ll tell you.


Connect Freshdesk

You then have to submit all the details as well as credentials requested by our tool for it to be able to fetch tickets from Freshdesk.


Connect Help Scout

Then you will need to do the same with your Help Scout so our tool is able to communicate with both help desk systems.


Pick data to export

Choose the information you would like to migrate and then specify the ticket field mapping to make sure that the data will migrate adequately.


Try and test the export wizard upfront

If you want to test export upfront, you can go for the Free Demo Migration to look at how things function. Using this free offer, you will be able to migrate a small group of records after only a couple of minutes.


Migrate all the data to Help Scout

When you’ve seen what the tool provides and ready to move tickets, we suggest that you pick a quiet time when your support staff isn’t too busy, and begin the migration.

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Export your Freshdesk data automatically

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check for yourself that relocating data from one help desk to a new one can be simple. Request a free of charge demonstration.

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Ask a specialist to execute your Freshdesk export

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