Available migration services

Export Freshdesk Data with Ease

Automated Freshdesk Export

  • Complete Set of Data

    Automatically migrate: Tickets, full list of Contacts, Notes & Replies, Agents, Groups, Attachments, Companies and Custom Fields.


    Also export Knowledge Base: Categories, Folders, and Articles with Images, Tags and Attachments.

  • Sustainability of Records
    Your ticket history has a unique structure. With our service, you are able to keep it in the new ticketing system without a hitch.
  • Custom Fields Included
    Freshdesk data export cannot be complete without custom fields. The best part: you decide which and how to migrate.
  • Free Demonstration
    Get a first-hand free demonstration of our data migration tool with no charges on your credit card.
  • Multiple Tests Allowed
    Export different batches of data to spot any flaws or potential issues beforehand.
  • Attachments and Comments Free of Cost
    No added cost for the export of comments and attachments.
  • Accurate and Quick Price Estimate
    Try the demo, get the accurate price for the export, as well as the precise total amount of records in your Freshdesk.

Starts at as low as $1

The fee to export data from Freshdesk depends on the total amount of records that you have in the account.

Bespoke Export Options

  • All services in Automated Export+
  • Tailored approach to migration
    Migrate data the way that meets your needs and deadlines; or export records that are not supported by our automated tool.
  • Selective export of tickets
    You can choose which data to export from Freshdesk to keep only the most useful and up-to-date records.
  • Export to any help desk
    WIth our bespoke option, you can export data to a platform that isn't on our list.
  • Ample Export Control
    We monitor each step of the export to ensure a smooth transfer of data and a successful outcome.
  • Support System
    Your account manager will answer all your questions and walk you through each step to make sure you switch from Freshdesk with comfort.

Starts at $599

Purchasing a package, you get all the abovementioned services. The fee for the custom service is flat, assuming you don't have requirements other than listed above.

Export of New Freshdesk Tickets

We can relocate new tickets that you might receive in Freshdesk. This service is great if you keep using Freshdesk during the export.

Complete Remigration

We can delete exported data from the target help desk and rerun the export at your behest.


Help Desk Fine-Tuning

From setting up your support channels, automation rules, workflows to the customization of your help center, our team has you covered.

Integration of Apps and Plugins

We can get the new help desk to work with the third-party tools and apps that are essential to our company and support team.


Try a cost-efficient and straightforward way of exporting data from Freshdesk.

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