Shifting from Freshdesk to a new platform?

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While the Freshdesk export feature is pretty good, it can cause trouble. Very often, data becomes unreadable, gets corrupted or mixed. To secure a good transition between systems, use a professional data migration help!

Shifting from Freshdesk to a new platform?

Newer Help Desks offer More than Just Visuals

Reasons to migrate from Freshdesk

You might be wondering why companies decide to shift from Freshdesk. Some users state that they don't like the pricing that Freshdesk offers.

Others mention the design flaws and features that are confusing to set up. And lastly, users dislike the notifications feature since it can sometimes flood agents with alerts.

Additional modules and fields

You can add new functions, custom columns, timers, filters This isn’t possible in older help desks, even with coding.

Custom UI/UX

More and more vendors give users the opportunity to customize their dashboard in order to increase productivity.

Remove unwanted files, modules, fields

Certain systems come with pre-installed bloatware, modules, files, and even promotional materials, which cannot be deleted.

Email integrations

Usually, help desks are tied to the email address that you specified during registration. With newer systems, you can change that information.

How to ensure a smooth data export?

If you want to migrate Freshdesk data safely,
use the following tips to make sure you have checked everything.


Things can break during transfers, so always create several backups.


Decide on one platform and test all it’s migration features.


Make sure the desired platform has all the functions you might need.


Check if it’s an open source solution and whether it has an open API.

Modern and accessible format

We are convinced that an e-book must be available in both web and HTML. Only this will make it accessible from any device and application.

Get familiar with the ticketing system before migrating

Before starting any kind of migration, it’s important to understand how ticket data works in each help desk. In Freshdesk, the ticket contains several elements such as date, status, agent, source.

You need to identify if the help desk of your choice has these columns and if they have the same name tag. Not every help desk has the same ticket system and this might cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

If you’re unsure which CRM system will work best for you, ask experts. We can help you move tickets from Freshdesk and setup everything.

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Shifting from Freshdesk to a new platform?

Freshdesk Migration FAQs

How to export Freshdesk tickets and what is the best format?

There are many ways you can export your Freshdesk tickets. But first, you need to click on the “Tickets” tab and pick the “All tickets” option.

You’ll be introduced to a wide range of filters (time, groups, agents).

Once you’ve decided what data you need, you can click “Export” on the bottom-right corner, which will pop up a window. On that window, you can choose between Excel and .CSV formats.

They are technically identical, but some help desks might have troubles reading one file or another.

Can I customize my current help desk so that I don’t have to shift?

The amount of customization you can perform depends on the platform. Generally, all major CRMs provide you with a decent range of options.

But keep in mind that changing a few things in the system will only get you so far.

Is there a tool that will help me transfer my data?

Migrate from Zendesk, Freshdesk or any other major help desk easily!

Our team developed a tool that will help you with all kinds of transitions. With this software, you can export ticket activities, agent data, sources in just a few clicks.

Your files won't be butchered and they will stay fully readable by every major platform. Download our tool and get those tickets moving.

Will these files work with Zendesk?

Now that you have your export ticket file ready you can start importing it to Zendesk.

In theory, both files should work with Zendesk but keep in mind that things can still go south.

There were cases when Zendesk formatted the uploaded files and couldn't recognize them.

You can always transfer data manually but you’ll have a hard time sorting each parameter and filling each column.

If you don’t have time for this, you can always use our newest migration tool.

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